This is the first meal of the day, and sometimes, I find that this can be the most difficult meal to find something good to give my little one. Consider this – you’ve not been awake that long, (and probably from some previously ungodly hour!) you’re running around after your baby, and you just need something simple to give them. Difficult decision making needs to be saved until after the first cuppa of the day, so these tips and recipes may not be rocket science, but they may save you precious minutes at that crucial time!

If you see a green (V) next to a recipe, or the word Ingredients in green, then it means that the basic recipe is suitable for vegetarians. (Variations may contain meat.)

Cold Breakfasts

Yogurt and Fruit (V)

Warm Breakfasts

Mini Pancakes (V)

French Toast (V)

Porridge Fingers (V)