This is a real winter warmer recipe. I never really had French toast before until I made it for my princess, but I am now a fan, and my little darling loves it too.


Sliced bread (I use medium white)
1 beaten egg
1 pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg


• Sprinkle your cinnamon/nutmeg into your beaten egg mixture
• Thoroughly dip your slice of bread in your egg mixture
• Shallow fry your bread until each side is golden brown


French toast is amazing on it’s own, and that’s how I serve it, but for this recipe, there are a few variations that accompaniments:

You can serve with cooked sausages or scrambled egg, fresh fruit such as melon slices, pineapple slices or orange segments, or even a dollop of fresh Greek yogurt. If you try any other variations though, please do email me so I can add them to the page!

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