My little one has always loved plain full fat Greek yogurt as a breakfast or a dessert. I avoid giving her yogurts specifically marketed at children because, as an example, Tesco’s own Greek Style Yogurt has more than 66% LESS sugar than Muller Corner Kids Blast Off Yogurts per 100g. I am sure this is the same for many brands.

I buy a pot of plain, full fat Greek yogurt (normally a large one) and simply spoon out a couple of heaped dessert spoons of yogurt into one of my little one’s own dishes. That way, I don’t end up with part empty tubs of children’s yogurts in the fridge, or worse still, being thrown away. Plus, now she is getting a little older, I can allow her to dip her spoon into the dish and “feed herself”. This is currently a messy affair as her cutlery coordination is not yet perfected so I don’t always offer this option. Sometimes, it is mummy’s way or the “no yogurt” highway!

Breakfast and Dessert Variations:

  • Yogurt with fruit puree stirred in
  • Yogurt and with raisins mixed in
  • large wedges/fingers of fruit (pineapple, melon, mango, strawberry halves, etc.) dipped in yogurt