Here are a couple of handy fuss free tips for breakfast time:

If you are serving what I lovingly call “breakfast cement”, or Weetabix, just use 1tbsp on each side of the biscuit so that it doesn’t go soggy. It means that your little one can pick it up and chew it as it is easy to handle, and there is a lot less mess. Let’s face it, they’re gonna put their hands in the bowl anyway!

Preparation is key!!┬áHaving your bowls, spoons, bottles/cups all laid out the night before ready simply to pour your cereal into makes a huge difference and cut’s down the early morning kiddie fussing massively! If you are making pancakes, make your batter the night before, and if you are making breakfast muffins, or pancake pops, make double and freeze some. That way, you can simply defrost them the night before and serve in the morning!